from Broadway by Mailbox Skipole




Burn, baby, burn
I don't know what that means
I'm not the one to stop the
Cogs of the machine
Just white and middle-class
With no culture to call my home
No flag, no revolution
No cause of my own

Don't you realise that your
Constant negligence is causing
All of these atrocities
Open your eyes
Why don't you
It's time you turned
And faced the truth
It's time you learned
To clearly see
I guess the bandwagon
Was a little high
A little fast
A little hard for you to catch
I guess the pace of change
Was too hard to match

I blame it all on you
(Yeah, and I got a gun)
And your couch potato apathy
Oh yeah
I blame it all on you
(Yeah, and I got a gun)
With your so-called sympathy

Burn, baby, burn
I'm just your average Joe
And as for politics
What the hell do I know?
I've got a living to make
And other things to do
I haven't got the time
To solve your problems for you

When I look at all you do
Am I that different from you?
Am I seeing the whole truth?
And if we're just the same
Roses by another name
Just pieces in the game
Where should I lay the blame?

And I blame it all on you
(I still got my gun)
None so blind as those who
Will not see, oh no
Yeah, I blame it all on you
(Yeah, and I got a gun)
When I should be blaming me


from Broadway, released January 1, 1998


all rights reserved



Mailbox Skipole New Zealand

Mailbox Skipole got their band name from their first microphone stand, which was in true KIWI style a DIY (Do it yourself) concoction of a mailbox with a skipole attached to it with GAFFA tape. True Story!

Mailbox Skipole was the brainchild of Mark Rawstron & Matthew Barnes.

Visit their facebook page for more info and updates.
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