by Mailbox Skipole

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Stakeout (free) 04:26
When Tomorrow Comes (free) 03:55
My Universe (free) 04:46
Broadway (free) 03:08
Crystalline (free) 03:50
Off The Rails (free) 04:02
If I wanted you (free) 03:00
Loading up the morris (free) 03:01
Loading Up the Morris. Check the oil Yeah that looks okay Check the water Gonna be needing more Check the tyres Yeah, they're gettin' bald Gonna be going a long way Got the surfboards We're gonna be needing them Got a tent, too Gonna be sleepin' out Piles of food, yeah Gonna be eating lots Gonna be going a long way And all my friends Are gonna be there And they'll be thinking Their woes away Make them worlds away Relaxing for a bit, yeah 'Cause when we're Out in the ocean And it's all looking Like a fish bowl How relaxing As a wave is rising up Oh, here we go I'm free-falling Down a face of water I'm feeling like I can walk on water Turning, burning Throwing spray I'm out of control Loading up the Morris Once again
Girl I Never Met (free) 03:36
Girl I Never Met Close enough to know you Close enough to speak my mind Close enough to hear you Not close to see you smile 'Cause it's so far (Can't reach, I tried to reach you) So far (I can't learn, I tried to teach you) So far (Can't reach, I tried to reach you) So far You are the girl I never met You are the girl I never met All my life I won't forget You are the girl I never You are the girl I never met Animals and colours I still can't make my choice You don't know what I'm sayin' You can't understand my voice
Fucking Ordinary (free) 03:44
Fucking Ordinary December came and the wind Blew away my waves I was pissed off Nothing left to do but go insane And play guitar all fucking day Yeah, but that's okay That's okay, I don't mind But I don't know why I'm not surfing now But what was I supposed to do? She had an operation Changed her face Changed the rules Now I don't recognise her at all Said she's been overseas Yeah, in San Francisco At least she's not Not gonna be So fucking ordinary January, February The wind has gone away But it's so hot, so damn hot They're saying it's El Nino But all we know Is that it's better than What we had last year Yeah, give me global warming The last time I saw her I was dreaming Should've been paying more attention To what was going on around me Oh, how could I have been so stupid? I rang, I lost I think I saw it from a long way, far off Can't go for second best now But I'm not down and out again But I still don't know why I'm not surfing now Yeah I guess it's all my fault Yeah, it was my inaction But she changed, changed herself Now I don't recognise her at all She said she's been overseas Yeah, in San Francisco At least she's not, not gonna be So fucking ordinary Like you
Blame (free) 03:32
Blame Burn, baby, burn I don't know what that means I'm not the one to stop the Cogs of the machine Just white and middle-class With no culture to call my home No flag, no revolution No cause of my own Don't you realise that your Constant negligence is causing All of these atrocities Open your eyes Why don't you It's time you turned And faced the truth It's time you learned To clearly see I guess the bandwagon Was a little high A little fast A little hard for you to catch I guess the pace of change Was too hard to match I blame it all on you (Yeah, and I got a gun) And your couch potato apathy Oh yeah I blame it all on you (Yeah, and I got a gun) With your so-called sympathy Burn, baby, burn I'm just your average Joe And as for politics What the hell do I know? I've got a living to make And other things to do I haven't got the time To solve your problems for you When I look at all you do Am I that different from you? Am I seeing the whole truth? And if we're just the same Roses by another name Just pieces in the game Where should I lay the blame? And I blame it all on you (I still got my gun) None so blind as those who Will not see, oh no Yeah, I blame it all on you (Yeah, and I got a gun) When I should be blaming me
Mania (free) 02:43
Mania Here by myself Here on my own I hope you find me amusing Said you would come Come to my home I hope you find me amusing Hey, I've got some drugs And we can get stoned If you want to abuse it Then we'll go talk To anyone And we'll find it amusing I'm consumed by mania My mind is all made up It's in the way she celebrates Now I'm getting all mixed up I'm consumed by mania There's something in the sun, the sand, the surf The way it breaks So I decided to fly But my head hurts from what I drank last night Yeah, I look like I feel I need time to heal Maybe tomorrow then I will be alright Things will be hard for you when I'm gone There will be no-one here to feed you Said a man to his horse before he died Then fell to the ground, tasted sand The sand was dry It was dry
The World Ain't Round (free) 04:01
The World Ain't Round I'm flying again As the day breaks again I'm making my way To the mountain shores again No my friend, he ain't gonna come back Now he's gone and done that He has gone and lost his head And he's never gonna come back And she said I could go first And she said it wouldn't hurt She confused me When she lied to me I wasn't ready for that Now I'm losing my mind And the world it ain't round 'Cause it ends at my town I think I have to go I'm cruising again But my fuel's getting low Next fuel stop, I don't know Maybe too far to go But, no I'm not gonna slow down Seems like losing more somehow It ain't logical, yeah I know But I don't think I can take any more delays I came up from the ground Took a good look around And what did we see Someone there looking at me And she was standing so proud Made me happy somehow When she came up to me And said, won't you come see No, the world ain't round No my friend, it ain't round


released January 1, 1998

Mailbox Skipole are:
Mark Rawstron - Vocals and Bass
Matt Barnes - Guitar
Bernard Crowther - Drums

Broadway Album Recorded by Rob Williams at The Stomach


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Mailbox Skipole New Zealand

Mailbox Skipole got their band name from their first microphone stand, which was in true KIWI style a DIY (Do it yourself) concoction of a mailbox with a skipole attached to it with GAFFA tape. True Story!

Mailbox Skipole was the brainchild of Mark Rawstron & Matthew Barnes.

Visit their facebook page for more info and updates.
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